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Missouri House passes two pro-life bills, action awaited in Senate

by | Mar 12, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Missouri Speaker of the House Tim Jones

Missouri Speaker of the House Tim Jones

The Missouri House of Representatives yesterday passed two pro-life bills, the latest in a wave of initiatives introduced in this session.

The first–HB 1307/1313—would allow women three days to consider their abortion decision. Currently, only South Dakota and Utah have similar, but not identical, laws on their books.

The vote was an overwhelming 115 to 39, six votes more than would be required to override a veto by Gov. Jay Nixon (D). On occasion Nixon has allowed pro-life bills to become law without his signature. “At a Monday news conference, Nixon said only that he would thoroughly review the waiting period bill,” the Associated Press’s Jordan Shapiro reported.

“If you are going to make a decision about life or death, shouldn’t it take more than three days to think about it?” House Speaker Tim Jones, asked at the rally in the Capitol rotunda organized by Missouri Right to Life.

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The measure now goes to the Missouri Senate which debated a similar waiting measure last week. After encountering opposition from Democrats, “Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard said after the debate that he would be willing to employ a seldom-used procedural move to shut off debate and force a Senate vote on the legislation,” Jordan reported.

“I’m for life and not death,” said Richard. “It’s important to me.”

The House also passed an enhanced parental involvement law, HB 1192. Currently girls under 18 need the consent of only one parent. The new bill would require these minors to notify both parents five days before having an abortion.

“In addition to the waiting period, Missouri’s abortion law requires doctors to give women a variety of written information about the procedure, and they must be given the opportunity to hear the fetus’ heartbeat on an ultrasound,” Jordan reported. “The waiting period bill would add a video produced by state officials to the information women already receive prior to an abortion.”

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