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NBC Warns: Midterm Election ‘Holds the Fate of the Rest of the Obama Presidency’

by | Mar 4, 2014


By Kyle Drennen | March 4, 2014

DemMapOn Tuesday morning, only NBC’s Today marked the beginning of the 2014 midterm primary season and explained the dire situation for Democrats ahead on the November election. Co-host Savannah Guthrie proclaimed: “While President Obama’s dealing with the crisis in Ukraine, here at home, the future of his presidency could be at stake. The midterm primary season kicks off today, and this will affect who will control the levers of power in the coming years.”

In the report that followed, chief White House correspondent and political director Chuck Todd warned: “…it sets the stage for what’s going to be an epic national battle in these midterms between the two parties for control of the Senate, which in turn, holds the fate of the rest of the Obama presidency.”

Neither ABC’s Good Morning America nor CBS This Morning provided any midterm election coverage on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Todd described the uphill battle for Democrats:

“Democrats are playing defense, polls show the party is vulnerable in as many as a dozen seats in the Senate. Republicans only need to win six of them for control. And the GOP play book, it’s the same all over the country, make the election about President Obama and his health care law….Many Democrats, particularly in the decisive red state Senate races, are running scared.”

Todd highlighted Democratic candidates distancing themselves from Obama:

“These midterm elections are going to end up being about one person who isn’t on any ballot this year, President Obama, who is desperately trying to turn the campaign away from being about him….In Kentucky, Allison Lundergan Grimes avoids health care and says she doesn’t need President Obama. Instead, she and other endangered Democrats are enlisting the help of another Democratic president.”

A sound bite played of Bill Clinton campaigning for Grimes.

Trying to find a silver lining in the bad news, Todd turned to Texas and declared: “Democrats hope Wendy Davis’ meteoric rise to national prominence translates into an upset over Republican Greg Abbott in the governor’s race.”

The latest Real Clear Politics average of polls has Abbott beating Davis by over eleven points.

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