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New Pattern Of UN Diplomacy – The Chairman’s Text

by | Mar 21, 2014


By Rai Rojas

Editor’s note. This was posted last night on Rai’s blog at

CSW58It’s nearly midnight on the penultimate day of this 2-week Commission on the Status of (some) Women and after almost a hundred hours worth of negotiating there are still some 80 paragraphs that have not yet been agreed upon. That’s right, EIGHTY paragraphs of wildly contentious language that if agreed to would propagate a radicalized extremist sexual agenda that includes abortion while at the same time stomps on the sovereign rights of many nations.

But that is the plan.

Bring the world to UN Headquarters in New York City and put on a show. Have meetings and informal sessions peppered with dozens of declarations and interventions and panel events. As a bonus provide a platform for the most excessive elements within the international abortion lobby to attack pro-life countries and express their tired ridiculous faux outrage at the Holy See.

RojasUNbadgeWhen in negotiations, agree to disagree on the language being debated, move on and promise to come back to the controversial paragraphs. Keep everyone here until all hours of the morning and then at mid-day of the last day have the Chair introduce a different document not previously seen and tell the delegations to take it or leave it.

This is the new pattern.

At the start of this meeting I wrote a post that expressed how the more things change at the UN the more they don’t. Who knew it would turn out to be prophetic? I could be wrong – but at this late hour – I don’t think I am and by tomorrow afternoon we will, in fact, be looking at Chairman’s Text.

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