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Obama said to be urging Democrats to remember “The election is coming!”

by | Mar 10, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

With President Obama’s popularity/job approval ratings stalled in the high thirties to low forties—and likely not to improve substantially, or at all—there’s already been a raft of “what-if” stories. “What-if “as if what-if Republicans not only hold the House but take the Senate, now held by pro-abortion Democrats.

Another in that ilk ran in The Hill newspaper today, under the headline “Obama to Dems: It’s time to worry.”

Here’s Justin Sink’s lead:

“The election is coming, the election is coming!

“That’s the message coming from President Obama as he tries desperately to rouse Democrats out of a midterm election stupor that could cost his party control of the Senate — and bury his agenda once and for all.

“Obama has increasingly sounded like the nerdy kid in a bad horror movie constantly warning his friends to stay out of danger as he’s called on the Democratic base to not be complacent in 2014.”

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The story is interesting on multiple levels.

#1. Off-year elections are traditionally hard on the party that hold’s the presidency. That is even more so the case this year with Democrats protecting many more Senate seats than Republicans are (21 versus 14), made worse by the disaster which is ObamaCare and a host of other problems plaguing the President and Democrats who voted for his agenda.

#2. Although this story takes the exact opposite tack, Democrats are grousing a lot about the President not putting sufficient energy and resources into re-electing Democrats who voted for ObamaCare. Which brings us to

#3. As Sink notes, there are states where Obama’s lone (albeit important) function is to come in and raise piles of money. His ratings are disastrous in places such as Louisiana and a public appearance would boomerang.

#4. Sink accurately explains that the electorate in non-presidential years tends to be older and more conservative. Democrats profess confidence that they can offset this historical narrative because President Obama can uniquely “rally the base,” which some would compare to whistling past the graveyard. And this also misses an obvious two-sided truth: even among Democrats, the President’s numbers are down; among Independents, his numbers are way, way down.

#5. Finally, President Obama is keenly aware of what happened in 2010. He agreed with a reporter’s description at the time that Democrats got “shellacked,” and wants to avoid a repeat at all costs.

Easier said than done.

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