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PPFA President clumsily, haltingly answers question “When does life start? When does a human being become a human being?”

by | Mar 1, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Jorge Ramos interviews PPFA’s Cecile Richards

Jorge Ramos interviews PPFA’s Cecile Richards

Remember when Pastor Rick Warren asked then-candidate Barack Obama “At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?” at a “Civil Forum on the Presidency” at Warren’s church?

In response Obama’s hemming and hawing answer was presumably to be taken as either irony, humility, or both.

“Well, I think that whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade.”

It was impossible not to think of that awkward August 16, 2008, answer when I watched Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards grapple with the simplest—that is, most straightforward—question about abortion in her appearance Thursday on Fusion TV’s America with Jorge Ramos (Fusion TV is Univision’s English-language network).

By way of setting the stage, Richards was appearing in her role as President of Planned Parenthood’s political arm. The title of the segment, superimposed on the screen, was “Planned Politics: Is there a place for Planned Parenthood in Politics?” The backdrop featured pictures of Richards and pro-abortion feminist icon Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, who is running for governor.)

Here’s the transcript. (You can watch their exchange here.)

After you read it, I think you’ll agree Richards’ slippery answers are worthy briefly dissecting.

Ramos: “So, for you, when does life start? When does a human being become a human being?”

Richards: “This is a question that I think will be debated through the centuries and people come down in very different points of view.”

Ramos: “But for you, what’s that point?”

Richards: “It is not something that I feel like is really part of this conversation. I mean, to me, we work with women…. I guess the way I’d really like to… I think every woman has to make her own decision. What we do at Planned Parenthood is make sure that women have all their options for health care…”

Ramos: “But why would it be so controversial for you to say when do you think life starts?”

Richards: “Yah, well, I don’t know that it’s controversial. I don’t know that it’s really relevant to the conversation. But, for me, I’m the mother of three children. For me, life began when I delivered them; they’ve been probably the most important thing in my life ever since. But that’s my own personal decision.”

Okay, three quick points.

#1. I know nothing about Jorge Ramos or how his program customarily handles the abortion issue. Presumably Richards felt comfortable that she would not be challenged. But hat’s off to Mr. Ramos for asking the chief executive of both the largest abortion chain in the galaxy and its ultra-well funded political arm what’s what and for not giving up when Richards tried to brush him off with a perfunctory answer.

#2. Even in what we can assume was a non-threatening situation with a benign question, Richards hemmed and hawed, sputtered and restarted after she rejected whatever talking point she initially had in mind. I find this enormously illuminating.

Pro-life candidates are routinely clobbered by media types for clumsily answering tough questions, not the easy one that Ramos asked of Richards. Yet Richards, who talks for a living, strained for coherence.

#3. No one, not even the president of an abortion machine that, according to its latest report, killed 333,964 unborn babies, really believes that the lives of her own three children “began when I delivered them.” That’s at best posturing, at worst cowardice.

Take a few minutes out to watch Ms. Richards.

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