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Support Makes All the Difference to Women facing Unplanned Pregnancy

by | Mar 11, 2014


By Micaiah Bilger, education director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

momandbaby8reRecently, I had the opportunity to interview Delores, a dedicated sidewalk counselor, on our LifeLines radio show/podcast. (Listen here.)

During the interview, Delores told me about one day when she noticed a man waiting in the alley behind the abortion center in Harrisburg. She prayed, took a deep breath, and went over to ask him why he was there. He told her that his girlfriend decided to have an abortion.

At that moment, Delores said God inspired her with these words: “Sir, you should go in there and tell her, ‘Baby, I love you, and I love our baby. We’re going to make this work.’”

And that’s exactly what he did. He walked into the abortion center and several minutes later walked out again. When Delores approached him, he told her that his girlfriend just had to sign some papers and then they were leaving – with their baby.

A few minutes later, another couple walked out. They had overheard the other couple and decided, “If they can make it work, we can, too.”

Her story made me wonder if those couples would have gone to the abortion center if abortion was illegal. And I wonder how many others go there because they feel like no one supports them.

Legalized abortion has become an excuse for not supporting pregnant and new moms. Whether the woman feels pressured to abort or she’s simply told, “It’s your decision,” she feels unsupported and alone. I’ve heard so many stories where lack of support is at the heart of a woman’s decision to abort.

About a month ago, a young woman from my home community shared her abortion story with me. She found out she was pregnant in high school. Though she was young, she was excited. She even went shopping and bought baby clothes with her boyfriend. Then her boyfriend started having second thoughts, and he told her to have an abortion. The young woman was heartbroken, but she had the abortion. It’s a decision she now profoundly regrets.

That’s why pregnancy resource centers are so important. They help to fill the support gap for many pregnant and new moms. They encourage fathers and family members to support women and their babies, too.

Sadly while abortion remains legal, it will always be easier for people to pressure a woman into having an abortion. But we as pro-lifers are making a difference with the support we offer to women and their babies.

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