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Abortion hurts families;  Gabriel’s story

by | Apr 30, 2014


By Mary Guzman

Editor’s note. Mary Guzman is Dallas Chapter Leader of Bound4LIFE. This appeared at

ForbiddenGriefThis particular day seemed ordinary, like so many others. I picked up my children from school as usual. My son Gabriel began to tell me about his day. He told me that during class that day one of his tasks was to write a story about building a time machine.

“Oh, really,” I replied as I listened. Then I asked him “If you could go back in time, to which time period would you travel?” In my mind I thought he would say when Jesus lived or when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

He paused and thought. Then he looked me straight in the eyes and responded seriously. “I would go back and tell you not to abort Jacob and Hope.”

I had two abortions when I was 17 and 21. My three children know about both of them. Even though I knew he knew about these abortions, I don’t always think of them, and his words caught me off guard.

Gabriel’s words pierced deeply into my heart. In one seemingly ordinary moment I glimpsed into the heart of a boy grieving for his siblings. Suddenly I experienced something I never had before, I felt the pain of a ten year old boy expressing the wound abortion had left on his heart.

I have stood in silent prayer outside clinics and courthouses for several years. I have to admit that at times I’ve become weary, wondering, “Will abortion really end?” I have asked God and myself this question many, many times. Sometimes it seems impossible.

That day when Gabriel shared his heart with me it left a permanent mark on my heart. My desire to see abortion end became urgent; abortion was no longer an injustice to me, it was an injustice to my son and my family. Abortion will end and I along with many others will keep praying until abortion is abolished on earth, just as it is in heaven.

I long to see the day when boys like Gabriel won’t have to invent time machines to warn their mothers. I long to see the day when a culture of life flourishes in our nation. I long to see the day when hearts of mothers and fathers are captured in love by their children, born and preborn.
Until then I will keep praying, “Jesus I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God send abortion revival to America.”

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