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Canadian pro-abortionists ratchet up the pressure to win public funding for Morgantaler’s abortion clinic

by | Apr 29, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Henry Morgentaler

Abortionist Henry Morgentaler

It’s all working out so conveniently for pro-abortionists in New Brunswick, Canada, that it’s no wonder pro-lifers question whether the clinic of the infamous abortionist the late Henry Morgentaler ever really intended to close in July, as it said three weeks ago it would, “due to funding shortfalls.”

Looks what happened since the owners of the late abortionist’s clinic in Fredericton (the capital of the province of New Brunswick) said it was closing shop. For starters a wave of criticism against the province for not funding abortions at Morgentaler Clinic, the province’s single private clinic. Only abortions performed in hospitals that two doctors certify in writing are medically required, are currently publicly funded.

Pro-abortion MP Niki Ashton was typical. She said, “It is shameful that Canada now has two provinces that refuse to uphold a woman’s right to choose, and provide necessary medical procedures free of cost to women. The federal government must enforce the Canada Health Act to ensure that all Canadians are equally protected by the Charter.” (The other province is P.E.I.—Prince Edward Island.)

Then a terrible turn of events last weekend. New Brunswick’s Liberal Party passed a couple of resolutions couched in the usual euphemisms but whose meeting was clear to everyone. As CBC News reported

“The resolutions called for ‘access to a full range of publicly funded family planning information and services’ and to ‘improve access to reproductive health services that meet national standards and respect the Canada Health Act.’”

In other words, fund Morgentaler’s abortion clinic.

Then there was the contribution of Vicki Saporta, who is president and CEO of NAF (the National Abortion Federation). Writing in The Telegraph-Journal, Saporta insisted that the New Brunswick government has a “clear duty” to make abortion a “publicly funded medical procedure.”

Peter Ryan is the executive director of the New Brunswick Right to Life Association. He told Peter Baklinski (

“In the last two weeks we’ve seen the university community at both St. Thomas U. (petition in favor of clinic funding) and University of New Brunswick (op-ed from many UNB professors) chime in for abortion,” he said. “We’ve had editorials in three daily papers for abortion.”

“We’ve had the leaders of the Liberal, NDP and Green Party come out for abortion. NDP members federally have gotten involved. A pro-abortion rally was held at the Legislature last week. [Weekend] rallies were held in Ottawa and Montreal. We fully expect Ms. Saporta has other tricks up her sleeve,” he said.

Local pro-lifers fully understand how pro-abortionists can manipulate perceived public opinion. While they know they have their hands full, they are determined not to allow public funding of Morgantaler’s clinic.

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