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It’s not just Sebelius who needs to go

by | Apr 14, 2014


victoryfundPeople who favor a policy of death are not fit to lead the government of a people who favor life.

In so many ways, Kathleen Sebelius favored a policy of death.

And every poll out there shows Americans don’t.

So it’s fitting she’s leaving as the government’s top administrator of our health care system – a system that should be affirming and protecting life, not threatening it.

As governor of Kansas, Sebelius pushed a policy of abortion on demand. She even appeared at a fundraiser with one of the most notorious practitioners of late abortions in the country.

In her role as Health and Human Services secretary, Sebelius was chief apologist for an Obamacare disaster of a law that pushed millions into health insurance plans that cover abortions.

But Obamacare’s anti-life aspects don’t end there. Several provisions of the law will limit medical treatment of ill, disabled, and elderly persons, directly threatening the lives of many who need our compassion the most.

The law is even designed to limit the ability of patients to add their own funds to buy higher quality health insurance that won’t ration care! The law, in short, will kill.

Not only Kathleen Sebelius, but all the senators and House members who created such an unjust law need to go. The failure of the health care law drove Sebelius out. That failure – and the work of the National Right to Life Victory Fund – have the potential to drive dozens of anti-life senators and House members out of Washington, as well.

But to do that, we need your help. The NRL Victory Fund will be working in dozens of races this year, fighting to elect pro-life candidates to the U.S. Senate and House. If we win a net of just six Senate seats, it will give pro-lifers majority control of that body and stop some of Barack Obama’s most anti-life policies and appointments in their tracks!

Please consider a generous donation to the National Right to Life Victory Fund today. A gift of $500, $250, $100, or $50 could do so much to help us identify, inform and persuade voters that we need a pro-life Senate and House in 2014 to save innocent human lives and put the anti-life Obamacare catastrophe on the road to repeal!

ctobiasnonamesmcontributenowPlease help!

Carol Tobias

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