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Knitting caps for the newborns he delivers provides happiness to doctor, and “an abundance of joy for the new parents”

by | Apr 3, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Posted by Bob Sansonetti at

Posted by Bob Sansonetti at

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We’re only a few months removed from the delivery of our second grandchild. His arrival brought to mind the hustle and bustle (although done calmly and professionally) that ensued after each of our four kids was born.

Flash forward to more recent times. Of late (or so it seems to me), medical personal appear more keenly aware of the need to keep those little ones warm.

Enter Dr. Robert Sansonetti who fits the mold of the concerned obstetrician who has gone one important step further. Leah Rocketto reports that Sansonetti, a veteran practitioner, has knit a cap for every baby he’s delivered for the past four years! More than 200 overall, which he documents at

Dr. Sansonetti explained to Rocketto how he had once bought a book by Trond Anfinnsen, titled “HatHeads: 1 Man + 2 Knitting Needles = 50 Fun Hat Designs,” that documented how after teaching himself to knit, Anfinnsen began personalizing the hats for family, friends, and friends of friends.

“The book, which includes detailed knitting instructions, sent the Sansonetti family on a knitting frenzy,” Rocketto writes.

“I started by knitting a small hat in hopes of practicing before trying to knit a larger hat,” Sansonetti says. “It turned out pretty well, and by chance was the perfect size for a newborn.” The doctor decided to give the practice cap to the next baby he delivered. He recalls the look of surprise and delight on the mother’s face, which he says prompted him to knit more miniature hats.

The caps have both a personal and practical significance. As you can imagine, the new mothers are very happy with this personal token of affection and concern. And the caps help prevent the baby from losing heat.

Rocketto says that it takes about four hours to knit each hat. So when does Sansonetti possibly find time? While waiting for his patients to deliver.

Rocketto concludes

“Several grateful patients have even provided me a gift of yarn to allow me to create additional hats for other babies,” Sansonetti says. To keep track of his creations, Sansonetti takes a photo of the baby in their new beanie and posts to his blog. Even as his patient load grows, the doctor plans to continue his tradition.

“It provides a great deal of happiness for me in addition to providing an abundance of joy for the new parents.”

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