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President’s Breathtakingly misleading celebration of ObamaCare

by | Apr 2, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

I’d meant to get to this all day, but…. Time permits only a few paragraphs about President Obama and his amazing Rose Garden performance yesterday.

As you may know, the President made a staggeringly misleading statement: “7.1 million Americans have now signed up for private insurance plans through these [ObamaCare] marketplaces — 7.1.”

But that is not the truth (or even close to it) on a multiplicity of grounds.

1. Of course, this 7.1 million includes those who have selected a plan but not paid the first premium. No less a supporter than the New York Times reported that at least 20% hadn’t paid the first premium.

2. The most dishonest implication of all is that these are people getting insurance that they didn’t have it before ObamaCare. In fact, as has been heavily documented, at least 5 million people who did have insurance (including two of my children) lost that insurance for a host of reasons all directly stemming from ObamaCare.

3. Obama keeps trotting out promises made three years ago as if reiterating them makes true now what he predicted then. For example on premiums. They are not going down, for most people they are going up…substantially. And the double whammy is that deductibles are also increasing…substantially. Some who study health economics closely anticipate even larger increases next year.

Obama chortled and all but giggled. That’s fine even though they have not met the 7 million mark (which, by the way, does not guarantee anything by itself) and costs are going through the roof.

One other thing to remember. According to the latest poll from Quinnipiac, American voters oppose ObamaCare by a 14 point margin– 55% to 41%. The President’s personal popularity is at 44%.

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