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Anxious Democrats see little leadership from White House

by | May 20, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Interesting juxtaposition of stories. I just finished an interesting—if unpersuasive piece—the gist of which is President Obama can be blamed for very little of the current patch of rough waters he is negotiating and, for that matter, the gloomy forecast for Democrats this fall. He’s not all-powerful, there are institutional constraints (the “permanent government”—the bureaucracy), his party no longer controls both houses of Congress and trying to work with Republicans is a waste of time, etc., etc., etc.

Then I read “Dems desperately seek an Obama midterm strategy,” an analysis in POLITICO written by Edward-Isaac Dovere. Since this is the last post of the day and you can read the piece in its entirety here, let me just make one point.

None of the “frustration” expressed to POLITICO “by the nearly two dozen top Democratic operatives and outside allies” has anything to do with institutional constraints or working with Republicans or being “all-powerful.” Their “complaints” are that The White House

“has yet to broaden its economic message. The president has no set meetings with his political staff, and does little to help beyond headlining events to activate big donors. There’s no strategic direction.”

Indeed, without getting to issues that are not our concerns as single-issue pro-lifers, there is every reason to believe what the President will push between now and November will weaken the chances of many already vulnerable Democrats. In that sense, Democrats would be better off if Obama were MIA, Missing in Action.

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The article lists a series of grievances (and most of them are not petty) and then adds, “And the worst part, say these party aides and outside allies, is that — less than six months before Election Day — Obama and the White House still don’t seem in a real rush to start fixing any of those problems.”

The irony is, of course, that Obama is given credit as this great campaigner. One can vigorously contest that assessment, but what you can’t debate is that “Throughout his presidency, Democrats have griped that Obama has never focused on anyone’s races but his own.”

Again the article can be read here.

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