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Learning mom is pregnant, little girl says, “Oh, my gosh, I can’t thank you enough”

by | May 23, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. We had such a gigantic response to this story, which ran last month, we’re running it again because of all the new readers that come aboard each and every day.

surprisebabyreJacob Ouellette is the Lead Pastor of Thrive Church in Parker, CO and (as he writes on YouTube) “I am in love with God, my family and life in general.”

Well, he and his wife Hannah clearly have passed along that enthusiasm for life to their two children, Faithlyn and Ethan. Jacob’s posted a number of everyday videos of his family that are both hysterically funny and deeply moving. He also has a knack for great punch lines

For example, he recently posted a video of a family first: removing Faithlyn’s first baby tooth which he labeled “Pulling 1st tooth: Tears to Cheers.”

Jacob and Hannah walk Faithlyn through the process, assuring her that daddy would be gentle and if the tooth didn’t come out on the first try, well, another day.

Sure enough, after a tiny tug, the tooth pops out. You can see Faithlyn wondering…I’m not exactly sure what, but probably, “This didn’t hurt at all.”

After the “ordeal” and after they dance around in celebration, Faithlyn draws the proper conclusion (lest anyone forget): “Let’s go to the Disney store now.”

Four days ago, Jacob posted a 1 minute, 47 second classic which had almost 824,000 views as of this afternoon.

It was taken around or the day of Easter and begins with Jacob handing his kids a plaster Easter egg. In it, Jacob tells them, “is what you always wanted.”

What’s in there is an ultrasound scan, the significance of which momentarily escapes Faithlyn and Ethan. “Is it a baby,” they helpfully ask the children.

Faithlyn responds [honestly], “I can’t tell.”

Well, “it’s a baby in a mommy’s tummy,” Hannah and Jacob announce with their trademark gusto.

They ask the kids, whose is it?

Faithlyn responds, “Me and Ethan’s?” (I thought I would split a gut I laughed so hard.)

Enough of beating around the bush. “Mommy’s going to have a baby,” Jacob announces.

The light switch is turned on. Faithlyn’s eyes widen and she asks/announces, “You’re having a baby in your tummy right now?!”

The kids move to embrace their Mom, and Faithlyn squeals with delight. (On the script accompanying the YouTube, Jacob wrote, “Telling our kids that there is a baby is mommy’s belly. Our daughter freaks out.”)

Faithlyn covers her face in her hands, smiling exuberantly. (Jacob’s too young to get the full impact, so he does what she does.)

At the end of the video (found at, Jacob tells Faithlyn “You’re going to have a brother or a sister, another one.”

The children then move back to the center of the room from which Faithlyn looks back and says,

“Oh, my gosh, I can’t thank you enough.”

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