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More publicity for abortion clinic that also “houses” natural birthing center

by | May 15, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Katharine Morrison

Abortionist Katharine Morrison

I’ve spent a fair amount of time speculating why the sudden interest in an abortion clinic which is pairing the elimination of “unwanted” babies with a “natural child birth” experience for those babies fortunate enough to be wanted[ and].Let’s think about it again today.

We’ve written about what are called abortion “doulas,” women who say if you can help a pregnant woman deliver her baby, why not just as readily help a woman eliminate her baby? Both are “assisting” women. Six of one, half-dozen of the other.

To the best of my knowledge, Buffalo Women Services is a one of a kind: “emptying a uterus of its contents,” in one room, delivering a baby who will be handled over to his/her mother, in the other.

The abortion doula can do both; they are (honestly, this is what they are called) a “full-spectrum doula.”

We’ve re-published a story I wrote about an interview “full-spectrum doula Annie Robinson” gave to Roc Morin of the Atlantic magazine. But today we’ll talk about MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. According to their cable network’s website:

“As part of his new series on the country’s most enduring political battles, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes profiles Buffalo Women Services, an abortion clinic that has also opened a natural birthing center on site. The clinic’s providers hope to remove stigma surrounding both services, which are often seen as outside the mainstream of women’s health care. ‘It’s the same patient who is getting pregnant and continuing a pregnancy, and maybe next time … terminating a pregnancy, and next time maybe having a natural birth. These are all the same people,’ says ob-gyn Katharine Morrison, who provides abortion care at the clinic and has collaborated with certified nurse midwife Eileen Stewart to open the birthing center.”

Tearing an unborn child limb from limb and “natural births” (nonhospital birthing experience)—both of which “are often seen as outside the mainstream of women’s health care.” What a bogus equivalency, what a flimsy cover.

Not so long ago we’d have said they same thing about Chiropractic—outside the medical mainstream. What’s next? Twist the kid’s head off in one room, adjust some guy’s spinal column in another?

Try as I might, I couldn’t get the MSNBC video to download, so I don’t know if the impression left by the “tease”—that Morrison eliminates the kids and Stewart delivers them—is part of the story. What we do know is that, according to Amanda Marcotte (who wrote “Nation’s First Birthing Center/Abortion Clinic Opens in Buffalo. This Is Huge”), “The same doctor who is performing abortions is also delivering babies.”

It’s of a piece, which we have written about extensively at NRL News Today. (1) Abortion is just part of a “continuum of care”; (2) therefore there should be no “stigma”; (3) hence not only should women celebrate their abortions (see Emily Letts), but doctors should NOT have the right to opt out of involvement in abortions.

Since there is almost nothing anymore that can surprise me about the abortion industry, I suppose I should have anticipated (as MSNBC says) an abortion clinic would be brazen enough to “house” a natural birthing center.

But for the life of me I can’t begin to fathom the kind of moral double-mindedness that would enable someone to bring babies into this world one shift, and kill them, the next.

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