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Mother is booked, accused of murdering three young girls

by | May 22, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

CarolCoronadoThe pace of the lethal onslaught against young children has grown faster and faster as there is less and less time between episodes of murder.

Police are trying to piece together what prompted Carol Coronado, 30, to allegedly murder her three young daughters late Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Coronado has been booked on suspicion of murder in the deaths of Sophia, 2 1/2 ; Yazmine, 16 months; and Xenia, 2 months. Ruben Vives, Richard Winton, and Kate Mather paint a stomach-turning portrait of knife-wielding violence against the children.

According to the reporters account, on Tuesday Coronado’s mother found Coronado “naked and ‘covered with blood’ on a bed next to the neatly arranged bodies of her own three girls.” The grandmother then ran out of the house, a bloody knife in her hand, and screamed to her son-in-law, “She killed the babies.” Coronado had also stabbed and sliced herself with a kitchen knife.

Her husband “screamed when he saw the bloody scene inside his home,” Vives, Winton, and Mather report. “He kept saying, ‘Oh my God, Oh my god,’ ” neighbor Veronica Ruiz said.”

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On Wednesday, Sheriff’s Lt. Dave Coleman said, “We still haven’t determined a reason.” He added, “Obviously, we’re going to have to delve into her mental state.” As of yesterday there were no reports of any prior behavior that could have indicated Coronado was in trouble.

“Those who know the family said there was no indication that anything was wrong.” The Times reported. “Coronado often took the girls on walks up and down the street, a neighbor said. Her Facebook page featured several photos of the girls, including an ultrasound photo.”

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