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Pro-Abortion Activists Attack Amendment 1, Calling Pro-Life Supporters “Tennessee Taliban”

by | May 27, 2014


Newspaper Ads Across the State Disregard Facts, Victims of Taliban Regime

Editor’s note. This update was provided by “yes on 1”

Pro-Abortion Opponents Ad Placed Sunday, May 25

Pro-Abortion Opponents Ad Placed Sunday, May 25

Calling themselves “Tennesseans for Preservation of Personal Privacy, Inc.,” well-funded pro-abortion opponents of Amendment 1 paid for large ads to be placed in papers across the state on Sunday, May 25. Each ad refers to pro-life Amendment 1 as the “Tennessee Taliban Amendment” and urges voters to vote NO.

Among misrepresentations are wrong claims that Amendment 1 will somehow “control” birth control and in vitro fertilization.

In fact, Amendment 1 is brought in response to a radical decision by the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2000 which established a so-called “fundamental right to abortion” in the Tennessee Constitution.

Amendment 1 does not enact any particular policy but rather, neutralizes the Court’s 2000 decision and restores to the people the ability to again deliberate and decide what Tennessee’s laws should be on the life and death matter of abortion. The amendment states, in part, “the people retain the right…to enact, amend or repeal statutes regarding abortion…”

“It is unfortunate that pro-abortion opponents of Amendment 1 have chosen to open their campaign in such an offensive manner,” said Jennifer Hicks, spokeswoman for Yes on 1. “Taliban rule relates to rape, slavery, murder, and brutal degradation of women, not to social policy debates in the state of Tennessee. Those placing the ad should apologize to Tennesseans but especially to those refugees in our state who have been the victims of such cruel regimes.”

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