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Tiny preemie doing well ten weeks after being born at 1Ib 3oz

by | May 12, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Claire Cressey can now feed Emily with a bottle.

Claire Cressey can now feed Emily with a bottle.

We received a tremendous response recently when we wrote about Emily Cressey, a preemie born so young she “could legally have been aborted” in Great Britain.

Today, the Daily Mail newspaper updates the story of Emily who today reached a milestone. Her mother Claire can now feed her daughter with a bottle.

Emily was born February 27, 16 weeks premature. Under British law she could have been aborted at 24 weeks. (Alas, in truth, even older babies can be aborted, but that’s another story.)

As Lizzie Parry wrote,

“Emily was born weighing little more than half-a-bag of sugar [barely over one pound]. A medical team from Edinburgh transported Ms Cressey from her home in Coldstream to ensure experts were on hand to give Emily the help necessary to survive beyond birth.

“She fought to stay alive, first on a ventilator, then by using a continuous positive airway pressure machine, necessary to help her lungs develop until they could function on their own.”

Today Ms. Cressey shared her daughter’s triumph on social media. She wrote

“It was the most beautiful moment, most mothers take that for granted, even get fed-up with doing it, not me.

“To see her take a bottle was wonderful, I’m so grateful for this time, so precious, when you fight to keep your baby alive for so long you often overlook these simple kind of moments, just like we did her jabs.

“To hold Emily with a bottle, her tubes seemed to vanish and the moment became real, gazing down at my baby watching her feed felt so right and I’m so thankful at the same time.”

Emily has three siblings– Caitlin, eight, Millie, four, and Brooke, 17 months—and a doting father, Alan Coultras. Each week they celebrate a milestone with cake and candles. Born at just 1Ib 3oz, Emily now weighs in at a strapping 3Ib 15oz. (She is fed from a bottle every other time.)

“Time has been an amazing healer and look at all those candles now. We are truly blessed by Emily, wow where have the ten weeks gone?,” Ms Cressey said. “I cradle Emily and think back to those first few weeks every day and I am shocked at how far we have come.”

And then this insight:

“I’ve even shocked myself and realise I’ve found a new inner strength I never knew I had.”

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