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Yes this is really a thing, VIP abortion services featured in New York

by | May 30, 2014

By Jeannie Deangelis

abortionluxuryEastside Gynecology is located in a neighborhood in New York City where very important people live in close proximity. That’s why it seems fitting that the high-end abortion clinic would appeal to nearby potential clientele by offering VIP Abortion Services.

For women with discriminating tastes, Eastside Gynecology offers “exclusive and VIP surgical services” for early and late-term abortions, surgical abortions, and manual vacuum aspirations (MVA) “for any patient who requires the utmost in service, comfort, and confidentiality.”

According to the Eastside Gynecology website:

“Our VIP rooms are designed to make you feel at home, with a luxurious mahogany bed, oil paintings, Internet and TV for complete privacy and comfort. Patient escorts are allowed to stay with the patient throughout the duration of their visit at our private clinic.”

Because after all, for a mother with means, when disposing of her unborn child, “service, comfort and confidentiality” are a must.

Moreover, for an East Side killing factory to have anything less than “luxurious mahogany bed[s], oil paintings,” and Internet service would not do justice to the address.

Sumptuous surroundings are not the whole picture; it gets better. If you are a woman looking to rid yourself of the inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy and can shell out the big bucks, Eastside Gynecology says it’s willing to close down the clinic and dedicate the entire facility “Just for You.”

Think of it! Who’s more deserving of tender loving care than a woman exercising power over life and death?

That’s why, prior to and immediately after condemning a child growing in the womb to a red biohazard bag, Eastside Gynecology offers VIP Surgical Patients the option to have the “entire facility and staff dedicated solely to their needs and care.”

If money is no object, why not have the abortion providers “close the facility to any other patient on that particular day,” so that “No other patient will be scheduled or seen during your entire visit?” Who would argue that a Manhattan girl with dough deserves to have things “completely private,” not to mention an “entire staff … dedicated solely to [her] needs and [her] care alone?”

The Eastside Gynecology clinic accommodates the “needs of public figures, celebrities, and high-profile individuals… [who can]… schedule a VIP abortion appointment and Confidential Concierge Services.” That’s good to know for wealthy stars such as comedian Sarah Silverman, who “doesn’t like to admit” that she’s never had the opportunity to fulfill her dream of ridding herself of what she refers to as “goo.”

For out-of-towners like Ms. Silverman, who lives in Los Angeles but would likely refuse to dispose of her unborn child in a clinic that doesn’t have “Private Abortion Boutique Services” such as sleigh beds, flat-screen television sets, plush robes, and free Wi-Fi, Eastside Gynecology will gladly arrange “flights, car service, hotels or personal care.”

It’s good to know that for “Sex and the City” types who live on the East Side and are looking for an abortion clinic that fits their luxurious lifestyle, Eastside Gynecology is a great place to have an abortion – at least until another Manhattan clinic comes along whose VIP Abortion Services include a gourmet lunch, a post-abortion mani/pedi, and a relaxing hot stone massage.

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