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British man sentenced to two years for vicious assault on pregnant girlfriend, baby miraculously survives

by | Jun 12, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Daniel Lovick

Daniel Lovick

Daniel Lovick was sentenced this week to two years in jail for a prolonged, vicious assault on his pregnant girlfriend that miraculously did not kill her baby. The sentence would have been longer, had the baby died, the judge said.

The Daily Mail newspaper detailed the attack which is so brutal it almost defies description.

The pregnant woman, who was not named, met Lovick in prison where she was visiting her brother. A man with a long history of violence against women, Lovick, 27, turned on the woman when he learned shortly after Easter that she was pregnant.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Mia De Graaf quoted Lovick saying, “You better get rid of that baby or I’ll kick it out of you.” He made other threats against the woman and her baby before the all-out attack May 19.

According to De Graaf,

He told her: ‘You better go to the clinic and get rid of it. If you don’t, I’ll get a coat hanger and drag it out of you or I’ll stab you.’

Lovick then grabbed her and pushed her down a flight of stairs – seven steps in total – and she looked up to see him running towards her.

He grabbed her hair and began punching her in the stomach, saying: ‘You’re not having the baby, I’m going to kick it out of you.’

The woman tried to protect her stomach by raising a leg.

Continuing the attack after she had got up, Lovick threatened to stab her, punched her ‘three or four times’ and pushed his thumb into her eye.

The victim managed to make a phone call to Lovick’s mother, who heard him in the background making further threats against the unborn child.

In sentencing Lovick to two years and three months, Judge Michael Mettyear told him:

“You are a violent bully. You’ve got a terrible record, including offences of violence against women. You are a great risk to anybody who should be foolish enough to take up with you.”

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