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Healing Post-Abortion Trauma

by | Jun 6, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

postabortionWe run a lot of stories at NRL News Today about the pro-abortion onslaught against Crisis Pregnancy Centers, also known as Pregnancy Care Centers, and Women Helping Centers. And rightly so, because NARAL is making no bones about its determination to crush organizations which give women a real choice. But it’s also very important to run stories about what these life-affirming centers do day to day.

In completing a Google search I ran across an article that appeared in The Cleveland Daily Banner. The newspaper described it as “the first of an occasional series about the effects of abortion on post-abortive women and fathers from the perspective of New Hope Pregnancy Care Center.”

And women DO suffer emotional (and physical) aftershocks from an abortion. What this story does, as explained by New Hope Pregnancy Care Center Executive Director Tracie Shellhouse, is to give the reader some specifics of how this trauma plays itself out in the lives of women.

“It might be that a post-abortive woman cannot be around children or infants without experiencing stress” writes David Davis, Cleveland Daily Banner managing editor. ”Some women call New Hope Pregnancy Care Center on the anniversary of their abortion or what would have been their child’s birthday,” a day with the potential for great emotional stress.

Shellhouse tells Davis of one friend in the pro-life movement who’d had three abortions, “and she knows when her babies were due and sometimes struggles with depression at those times of the year.” She also refused to go a dentist for more than twenty years.

“She wouldn’t go to the dentist because of the suction sound of the device that removed the spit from her mouth,” Shellhouse said. “She had two vacuum aspiration abortions where they literally sucked the fetus out and dismembered it. The sound of the vacuum and the suction bothered her and for a long time, she had a hard time even vacuuming her house.”

There are many ways women-helping centers address the needs of these women. In the case of the New Hope Pregnancy Care Center, they “urge women to look at their actions through a biblical perspective about how God looks at their actions and them as a person.”

“He loves us,” Shellhouse says. “He doesn’t love our sins, but that never stops him from loving us.”

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