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“I will do it for you, baby”: a true pro-life heroine

by | Jun 4, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

My-Beautiful-Woman4reIn February we wrote a post headlined, “’My Beautiful Woman’ video series: a powerful pro-life message from an unexpected source.” (I’ve reposted it today for your convenience.)

Unexpected source? The Thai branch of the Japanese lingerie company Wacoal, not necessarily the first place you’d think of.

I didn’t explain the setting for the series of three videos as well as I should have. Here’s a very nice summary from Allie Healy, writing at

“The three videos, each about seven minutes in length, tell the story of three different women and the secret sacrifices they made throughout her lives. They are powerful stories, based on actual events, of women taking unlikely paths to overcome obstacles and defy society’s standards. In Thai with English subtitles, each is narrated by a man who tells the story of a woman who affected his life and made him find beauty in surprising places.”

She adds

“In the closing screen, the statement ‘Wacoal believes all women were created to be beautiful’ is shown in Thai. But no matter the language, the message is universally understood.”

Absolutely true, as we discussed last February.

As with the first video, I will not lessen the power of the six-minute-long third and final video by revealing the ending. You will want to watch the video, I assure you.

In the initial shot, the husband introduces us to his wife, Ae, whom he subsequently tells us has an inner strength. Indeed she does.

They have tried to get pregnant for a long time. The first scene is a doctor imploring her/them: “I know it’s hard but try to make a decision as soon as possible.”

There are cuts back and forth in time and we do not know exactly what he is talking about for a bit.

One night Ae gets up alone and looks at the pieces of the crib that lay unassembled on their living room floor. She is rubbing her abdomen. When her husband awakes and finds her gone, he immediately comes to the living room.

There she strokes his face and, almost imperceptivity, nods “yes.”

The true-life twist is that during the pregnancy, they have learned that Ae has cancer. As her husband relates the situation, “She has only two choices.”

“First, she might be cured with chemotherapy,” but that might injure the baby or “we might lose our baby.“

“The alternative is to keep our child,” he says, “but she might have to fight the cancer alone….without any remedy [the chemo].”

There are a lot of tears and sobs as she wrestles with her decision and her illness. Finally she returns to the darkened living room and the still unassembled crib.

She places her hand on her stomach. After a long pause, Ae says, “I will do it for you, baby.”

There are still two minutes to go and there is no sugarcoating or minimizing what Ae goes through. Take six minutes, six seconds and watch the video.

Two quick concluding thoughts about the series.

First, while the middle video is not (at least to my eyes) quite as powerful, its message is the same. The power of sacrifice and the huge difference that can make in the lives of others, including to outsiders who see your courage under fire.

Second, none of these women drew attention to what they did for others. They did it because it was right and because (as Ae’s husband says of her) of their inner strength.

Hats off to Wacoal.

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