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NRLC Convention ten days away, still time to register!

by | Jun 16, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Convention2014-4June 25, the day before the 2014 National Right to Life Convention opens in Louisville, Kentucky, will be the one-year anniversary of Wendy Davis’ filibuster that propelled her from an obscure pro-abortion Texas state Senator into a candidate for governor. To be honest, it had momentarily slipped my mind until I read a story about Davis’ campaign manager being replaced and another (and I do mean another) story about Davis not making her opposition to pro-life legislation in Texas sufficiently visible. (Hint: Texas is a pro-life state.)

On the other hand, I remember the opening of the 2013 convention, which took place in Dallas, Texas, like it was yesterday. As they say, the atmosphere was electric as one prominent pro-life Texas office holder after another addressed the convention: Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Attorney General Greg Abbott who is Davis’ opponent this fall. (We’re republishing his speech because it really was excellent.)

Before I talk (briefly) about Ms. Davis’ fortunes I do want to remind you there is still time to make arrangements to attend the 44th annual convention, the must-attend educational event of the year. The three day event, June 26-28, really is a bonanza for grassroots activists.

  • Over 100 speakers from across the nation;
  • 5 General Sessions including an in-depth analysis of “The Real War on Women”: Bioethics, Abortion and Breast Cancer, and Political Action in 2014;
  • 66 workshops on every imaginable topic of interest to pro-lifers; and
  • A three-day National Teens for Life Convention packed with their own speakers, topics, activities, fun and entertaining tools to help them get the most out of their time in Louisville.

For details, go to You can register online.

Pro-abortion Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis

Pro-abortion Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis

Back to Wendy Davis and the chaos that was the filibuster she lead. What many outsiders never knew or have forgotten is that the filibuster derailed omnibus pro-life legislation but only for a few weeks. Gov. Perry called another Special Session and the bill became law with hugely important consequences.

Please read “Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis and the reinvention of the pro-abortion movement.”; “Standing Up for Life against an Angry Mob in Texas A First-Person Account,”; and/or “Six Takeaways from a memorable 43rd NRLC National Convention.”

Why? Simply because it is important to see the face of the pro-abortion movement in action–its shock troops–and how they operate. They are not big on free speech (of course, pro-abortionists never are) but they do love to try to intimidate.

These are the kind of people that made Davis a “feminist icon.” No wonder she doesn’t want to talk about abortion.

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