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Obama unable to reach 50% approval on any of 12 issues, questions about competency grow more urgent

by | Jun 5, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

CNN's John King

CNN’s John King

Tomorrow we will post on what is (to my mind) the single most bizarre story ever written (seemingly) in defense of President Obama. It appeared earlier this week in POLITICO and is as long as it is convoluted. A real head-scratcher.

Wednesday got away from me so I am picking up on the Fox News and CNN poll results that I meant to get to yesterday. If the POLITICO story by Carrie Budoff Brown and Jennifer Epstein makes you wonder with friends like these who needs enemies, the tabulations remind me that I suggested several months ago that eventually the President’s approval ratings would stabilize near 40% and then head steadily downward to the mid-30s.

Remember, these numbers, as awful as they are, preceded the current wave of criticism of the President coming even from some of his staunchest media supporters and members of his own party that threatens to become a tsunami. In other words, buckle up, Mr. President, it’s going to get much worse.

What do we learn?

The two FOX poll results that generated the most buzz were

(1) that nearly half (48%) now believe the Obama administration is less competent than the administration of pro-life President George W. Bush to 42% that believe it is more competent. Bear in mind that the mainstream media savaged President Bush for most of his eight years in office while the same outlets have protected Obama during his run for the presidency and mostly ever since. And

(2) 55% believe the Obama Administration has made the country weaker, compared to barely a third (35%) who believe it has made the country stronger.

The CNN poll results released Wednesday are nothing short of disastrous for President Obama. As Ed Morrissey explained, “CNN’s John King called the president’s approval rating the ‘north star of an election year,’ and pointed to CNN’s latest poll which found his approval rating at 43% and his disapproval rating at 55%. ‘We went through 12 different issues in the president’s approval rating, and he didn’t crack 50, he could not crack 50 on any of those.’”

And among the all-important Independents, disapproval was almost twice that of approval—63% to 34%.

More later today.

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