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Opponents of Amendment 1 are having trouble with the truth

by | Jun 20, 2014


Editor’s note. NRL News Today has carried many stories about Tennessee’s Amendment 1. (See, for example,,, and Always overwrought, of late opponents have gone into overdrive, trying to defeat an amendment to the Tennessee Constitution that will be on the ballot this November. The following rebuttal takes on a few of the many distortions.

lyingThis week pro-abortion activists began circulating fundraising emails making the following claims, all of them false. Please know the facts and speak out in support of Amendment 1.

When They Say:

“Amendment One is an unprecedented power grab by the Tennessee state legislature to take away women’s right to choose.”

You Say:

Amendment 1 restores to the people our right to debate and decide what policies are appropriate with regard to abortion, just as we do on any matter of importance. The Amendment specifically states “the people retain the right… to enact, amend or repeal statutes regarding abortion.” Even in the most difficult of circumstances, proponents of Amendment 1 trust the conscience and common sense of Tennessee’s people to do what is right and fair.

When They Say:

“It is from a Republican legislature whose senators voted unanimously to ban abortion with no exceptions, not even to allow a woman to save her own life!”

You Say:

Since 1973, there has never been a vote to ban abortion in Tennessee, period. Amendment 1 enjoys bi-partisan support and was placed on the ballot by super-majorities ncluding the Democratic Leader and Democratic Caucus Chairman. In total, 39% of House Democrats voted in support of Amendment 1 during final legislative passage in 2011.

When they Say:

“It is a deceptively worded constitutional amendment, designed to confuse and mislead voters, and all of us will be voting on it this November.”

You Say:

Amendment 1 returns the Tennessee Constitution to neutral after a 2000 ruling by the Tennessee Supreme Court which claimed a broader right to abortion in the Tennessee Constitution than Roe v. Wade or the U.S. Constitution. It restores the rights of Tennesseans to decide what abortion law should be in our state rather than leaving policy decisions to the Judiciary.

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