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Teenager chooses life for her baby: “I know that this what I am supposed to be doing and I know He is in my life right now because he needs to be and God wanted him to be on this earth”

by | Jun 4, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

DarbyreToday at National Right to Life News Today we’re running two posts inspired by wonderful videos. One is the real-life story of a Canadian teenager who chose life. The other, odd as it sounds, is a commercial from Thailand.

LifeCanada does some remarkable work. Today we’re going to talk about “Darby” and her story that you can watch on YouTube.

In less than 3 minutes, Darby tells about the shock of learning, at age 16, that she was pregnant; how she considered her “options”; how she chose life; and how she can’t imagine life without her son.

The video is the model of simplicity. Darby tells her story while holding her son, changing only her (and her baby’s) position and the tone of her voice (hint: she cries).

Darby tells us, she “I really didn’t believe it was real,” and went to the doctor for a confirmation. And, yes, she is pregnant. “That’s when the tears began flooding in.” Her options? Become a parent, abort, or put the baby up for adoption.

In the video Darby explains that the doctor tells her that she has talked with many women (sitting in the same chair Darby was) who “regret their abortions,” but “not once, have I ever met a single mother who has ever regretted having her baby.”

Understandably, so many things are “whirling through my head,” and after a month she asks/tells herself “maybe I’m not meant to have this baby.” After all, they tell you the baby is just a blob of cells, wouldn’t feel any pain, etc.

But then Darby suddenly walks us through the ABCs of fetal development. That by the time a woman knows she is pregnant, the baby has all these marvelous capacities. Somebody explained those realities to her and we can only speculate that they were pivotal.

The remainder of this 2:45 second video is one powerful testimony. As she rocks her baby, Darby says, “I know that is what I am supposed to be doing and I know He is in my life right now because he needs to be and God wanted him to be on this earth.”

As she looks at her son, Darby half-laughingly says, “It’s pretty amazing that you could just love someone so little so much.” Then…tears….followed by a riveting moment:

“I just can’t imagine not having him here with me today…and what I would doing if he wasn’t in my life right now. I think I’d be very lost and wondering, this November, ‘Where was my baby?’”

“Where’s was my baby?” Wow!

Darby ends by reflecting on two central truths: “Life is a beautiful gift,” she says. “I think that we can never take it for granted or put ourselves in a position where we can be controllers of life. Honestly, you know [looking deeply into her baby’s eyes], look at how precious that is. You are just too cute for words.”

Final words of advice?

“Choose life, you’re never going to regret it.”

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