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All Ireland Rally for Life 2014 draws 8,000

by | Jul 11, 2014


By Pat Buckley, European Life Network

Irishrally9The 2014 all Ireland rally for life held in Belfast on Saturday July 5th was the largest pro-life demonstration held in that city to date. Estimates suggest the attendance was in the region of 8,000 and included pro-lifers from all over Ireland. The Rally was addressed by a number of speakers including Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life, Niamh Ui Bhrian of the Life Institute and Former MEP [Member of the European Parliament] Dana Rosemary Scallon. All the main pro-life organizations were in attendance and marched from Custom House Square to the city hall and back.

Bernadette Smyth, told the assembled crowd that they were sending a clear message to both Taoiseach [Prime Minister] Enda Kenny and to David Ford [Northern Ireland’s Minister of Justice] “that the lives of the unborn must be protected” at all stages.

Ms. Smyth said that the rally was a clear demonstration that the majority of people in the Republic did not want any moves that would liberalise abortion legislation. “Our clear message to the Taoiseach is that people will not be silenced when the lives of unborn children are at risk,” she said.

Ms. Smyth added that the rally was also telling David Ford that he should not attempt to bring in legislation that would allow for abortion in cases of foetal abnormality.

Niamh Ui­ Bhriain told the gathering that “abortion campaigners seek to broaden abortion laws by using the distress felt by every family facing such tragic news and such a distressing diagnosis”.

“Seeking to push abortion on vulnerable families really is the worst form of discrimination, and for these unborn children, who are severely disabled, this is a lethal form of discrimination,” she said.

Ms. Ui Bhriain continued by saying that the voices of the majority of parents were being ignored in the debate surrounding abortion for babies with disabilities, and that the rally was providing these families with a voice.

“We’re seeking to support families who need compassion and real help, and both governments, North and South, must listen to parents in these situations who want a better answer than abortion,” she added.

Dana Rosemary Scallon told the crowd that there existed a “secular humanist global agenda which has no respect for the sovereignty of nations” and which sought to bring in widespread abortion. “We must stand up for life,” she said.

Once again questions need to be asked about how such an event is reported. Why for example is the print and broadcasting media so biased against unborn life? And why do they persist in championing abortion and pushing it at every opportunity?

According to a BBC report thousands of pro-lifers took to the streets of Belfast city centre in the Rally for Life demonstration, which they then depict negatively as an anti-abortion rally, rather than one that celebrates and upholds the lives of the unborn in Northern Ireland. The pro-abortion Irish Times as expected underestimated the attendance putting it at only 4,000.

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