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Baby Ziah, declared dead eight minutes after birth, “comes back to life”

by | Jul 28, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Nikkita Pereira and Baby Ziah

Nikkita Pereira and Baby Ziah

The British publication The Daily Mail is a seemingly inexhaustible source for stories of babies (and moms) who beat incredible odds to survive.

Add to that joyous litany Nikkita Pereira whose son Ziah was delivered by emergency Caesarean section and pronounced dead eight minutes after his birth. The story, written by Lizzie Parry, ran today, although Ziah’s saga actually took place in 2012.

First the background. Ms. Pereira had been in labor for 28 hours at The Royal Free Hospital in London when doctors determined Ziah’s heartbeat was fading with every contraction. (It turned out that the umbilical cord had wrapped around Ziah’s neck in the womb.)

With only minutes to work with, they quickly delivered him by C-Section but he was not breathing.

“The silence was deafening as doctors spent eight minutes frantically trying to get him to breathe,” Parry wrote.

“Then I heard the doctor announce his time of death as 11.02am,” Pereira told Parry. “I felt as if my own heart stopped that very instant too, I was completely crushed. It’s difficult to express in words how painful it was – I couldn’t bear the thought that I’d never get to know my son.”

Then “Just as I was about to give up, a miracle happened – Ziah drew a deep breath and burst into tears,” Pereira said. “When I heard him cry it was like I was breathing again.”

She told Parry that not a day goes by “where I don’t thank my lucky stars for her son.” Ziah is now 2 ½ “and every day feels like a miracle.”

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