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“Challenging and Exciting”: Beginning the Academy

by | Jul 14, 2014


By Chelsea Shields, Co-Program Director, National Right to Life Academy

Academy_BeginsreWhen pro-lifers meet to learn from each other, nothing can beat the energy they share. This could not be more true as National Right to Life Academy students began their summer journey meeting with activists from all around the country at NRLC’s 2014 Convention.

“There couldn’t have been a better introduction to the Academy” than the June 26-28 convention in Louisville, Sarah Trice, an Academy student, explains. “Convention was one of the most encouraging events I have ever attended.”

The five-week summer program for pro-life college students always begins at National Right to Life’s Convention. Hearing from renowned right-to-life leaders and experts, Academy student Scout Yarbrough declares, “reminded me of why I wanted to be part of this movement.”

The energy of learning from other pro-lifers now continues back in Washington, D.C., where students are diving head first into informative lectures and intense practicum sessions that are “thought-provoking, challenging, and exciting,” as student Brock Schmeling describes. While lectures and practicum require a great deal of stamina and brainpower, the whole experience prepares Academy students to be highly effective advocates for life.

Now, the Academy students of 2014 are excited as they anticipate the coming weeks ahead. As Brock reveals, “…the NRLC Convention and first week of the Academy have challenged me to reflect on many facets of the pro-life movement and the innovative solutions that will help us all foster a respect for human life.”

Scout agreed. “I already feel more prepared to defend life in my own state and on my campus,” he proclaims.

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