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‘Death Coaching’: Another horrendous story of an Exit death

by | Jul 28, 2014


“It was death-coaching, not life coaching, that killed him”

By Paul Russell, Founder, HOPE Australia

Philip Nitschke

Philip Nitschke

The Australian newspaper has a front-page article covering another death of a young man who had a very clear connection with Exit International.

26 year old Lucas Taylor’s body was found in a deserted park in Germany. The story says his death was attributed to Nembutal which he had purchased via a trip to South America.

His mother, Judi Taylor, relating the story to The Australian journalist, Victoria Laurie, says: “It was death-coaching, not life coaching that killed him.”

The Australian article quotes Judi Taylor at length in what she uncovered after her son’s tragic death:

Lucas spent many hours chatting online with fellow paid-up members of Exit Inter­national, who are sent an ebook copy of Dr. [Philip] Nitschke’s writing on euthanasia as part of their fee.

It was a secretive world that Judi Taylor discovered only after his death, when she and her ­remaining sons hacked into his computer, found his Peaceful Pill forum password and began reading a bizarre and grim litany of ­online conversations.

“There seemed to be hundreds of people busy talking to each other about the best methods to commit suicide,” she says.

“Lucas mentioned in his posts that he’d learned about importing illegal drugs and what airports to use. One person would say: ‘Oh, Nembutal’s the way to go.’ They’d discuss whether the best place to go was China or Peru.

“It seemed to be peer-to-peer communication, and in all the hundreds of messages nobody was saying they had a terminal illness … What Lucas definitely said was ‘I’m not sick yet’ and ‘I’m quite able-bodied’.”

There were even messages to Lucas from a “moderator” Mrs. Taylor describes as calling himself Doctor Ted. “He seemed to come in when a medical query needed answering.” He told Lucas ‘because of your weight, you’ll be needing this much Nembutal’.”

The article went on to explain more detail:

Only by hacking into the computer did the family learn what ­really happened. “We never knew that Lucas had got on a plane in October 2011 to Peru for a few days. People advised him on the forum site to book a few tours so people wouldn’t be suspicious about why he was there. They also said: ‘Here’s the address, and the cost of buying Nembutal.’ As far as I can make out he followed it all to the letter.

“When he got back (to Germany), he was back on the site saying, ‘I’ve got (the drug) and it’s pure because I’ve had it tested.’ I know Dr. Nitschke supplies testing kits to make sure you’ve got the right drug. It was all very sec­retive: they talked about ­dis­guising the death scene, emptying out bottles of alcohol on the ground and throwing them around, getting cigarettes so it looked as if you’d just had a wild night and you’d fallen over and died by misadventure. And that would avoid an autopsy.”

It didn’t. An autopsy report said the cause of death was Nembutal. “The Interpol report said when Lucas’s body was discovered there were bottles and cigarettes scattered around him. Lucas didn’t drink or smoke. I thought: ‘That’s just what they said on the forum.’ ”

The article also explained that Judi Taylor had also been in contact with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA); the same body who earlier today suspended Nitschke’s medical license pending a full investigation into the various complaints they have received.

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