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“I’d say it’s the pro-choice equivalent of a crucifix“

by | Jul 30, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This first ran in August 2012, which amazed me when a reader somehow ran across this piece while doing research on the Web and inquired about the original source. Two years?!

No sooner had we posted “A ‘Tripadvisor’ for Abortion Clinics” than a reader sent me a link to another post on “The Abortioneer” website from last May. For those who didn’t read the first story, this website is the online equivalent of a place for abortion practitioners to hang out to compare notes about the business of killing unborn babies.

This particular post, titled “My little coat hanger,” is a kind of fashion statement for the globally insensitive. The first sentence is both an example of what is to come, a preemptive defense, and a way of warding off any reflective unease even from her fellow abortion “providers.”

She writes

“I wear a little coat hanger pendant because I support abortion rights.”

Sure enough, there it is, a photo of the pendant, tastefully decked out on a lovely neck. That is the last thing lovely or tasteful about the post.

She starts with the usual “This reminds of the REALLY bad old days,” although she allows as how this technique might not have been common, let alone “preferred.” (It was neither, but to stay on point….)

So if “The coat hanger represents a dark time in history,” the author also says of the pendant, “If I were one for blasphemy, I’d say it’s the pro-choice equivalent of a crucifix.“

It’s as if once she’s written this, she feels free to be increasingly offensive. The post is, of course, intended to annoy Christians and to remind us—and herself—that “pro-choice” IS “her religion” (although “not one of the Big Three”).

What followers is a representative conversation that might take place “when others see my little coat hanger pendant.” They “have a private conversation,” she says. “I guess it’s akin to what members of other secret societies have when they discover one another.”

I suppose this could have taken place, but that’s not the point. It’s a way of telling us that people who think like her represent a kind of underground “sect” that is growing. When they “nod in affirmation,” it’s like a kind of secret handshake that only the initiated know about.

She ends (surprise, surprise) with a shot at supposedly naïve Christians and an ode to herself. (Amazing, how it’s always about them.) She writes

“I can’t blame them. It’s a nice place to be at. I used to be ignorant once, and I lived a pretty happy life. But now that I’m here and can never turn back, I pay homage and I wear my little coat hanger. And I hope to receive many more winks and head nods and acknowledgments that our secret society is not, in fact, so secret after all.”

To borrow from Ms. Abortioneer, “it’s a nice place to be at”–to be so knowing, so sophisticated, and so far above observing the normal societal niceties as to think it daring to doubly mock people of faith who care about the lethal maiming of unborn children.

It’s good to be reminded just whom it is that we do battle with.

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