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PPFA’s political arm promises $3 million for Texas Democrats, including “feminist icon” Wendy Davis

by | Jul 22, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion Texas state Senator Wendy Davis

Pro-abortion Texas state Senator Wendy Davis

It was only a question of time. Indeed what better time could there be than now?

Pro-abortion Texas state Senator Wendy Davis—who virtually instantaneously achieved the status of a “feminist icon” a little over a year ago thanks to her famous filibuster—is trailing pro-life Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) in the contest to succeed pro-life Gov. Rick Perry.

So it came as absolutely no surprise over the weekend when Planned Parenthood’s political arm announced it expects to spend $3 million to support Texas Democrats in 2014, Davis obviously being the likely #1 recipient.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Votes, said the idea is to “draw differences” between Davis and Abbott.

“When women have a chance to know the difference between candidates, they won’t vote for someone who is against them,” Richards told the San Antonio Express-News.

The obvious difficulty for Davis—and why her emphasis on abortion more often ebbs than flows—is that Texas is a pro-life state and increasingly a Republican state. In addition, Planned Parenthood Votes obviously has more influence when the candidate it supports has much more money than her (or his) opponent.

But Abbott, unlike, for example, 2013 Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, will not lack for resources. This means when Davis/Planned Parenthood Votes launches its all-systems-go attacks on Abbott, he will be able to respond, again unlike Cuccinelli who lost by a hairs breath.

Davis supporters adamantly insist that she wins whether she is the next governor or merely the latest Democrat to lose a state-wide race in Texas.

A more objective look might conclude when she loses, she loses.

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