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Terrifying? Let me tell you what is terrifying . . .

by | Jul 29, 2014


victoryfundI don’t usually waste my time responding to emails sent out by pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL. They’re typically dishonest and I believe most readers see through that.

But NARAL put one out Friday that needs a response – a response from the perspective of unborn babies and their mothers who suffer because of abortion.

NARAL’s theme was that it would be “terrifying” if pro-life forces took control of the Senate in November. It’s “terrifying news” that GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell would push to pass a key pro-life law, they wrote.

NARAL complained: “Speaking to a group of anti-choice activists, he specifically promised to push legislation to ban abortion after 20 weeks . . .”

I’m proud to say that “group of anti-choice activists” was our own National Right to Life Convention, where McConnell spoke on June 28th. And the “legislation to ban abortion after 20 weeks” is the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, the law that would protect unborn babies from the excruciating pain of an abortion done after the baby is developed enough to feel pain.

Funny, they didn’t tell their readers about that pain thing, did they?

The subject line for NARAL’s email blast was “This is terrifying.”

Well, I’ll tell you some things that are terrifying:

  • Imagine how terrifying it is for a baby, fully capable of feeling pain, to be attacked in the womb with instruments that cut and crush the baby to pieces. Intrauterine video shows babies will try to avoid and move away from abortionists’ instruments months before that 20 week stage.
  • If you’ve ever talked to a woman lied to by an abortion “counselor,” but who only discovers too late the truth about the exquisite development of her aborted unborn baby, you know the depth of grief she can suffer could truly be described as terrifying.
  • The wanton slaughter of more than 56 million unborn babies in this country, like the deaths of similar numbers of human beings in the scourges of the Soviet Union and Communist China in the 20th century, certainly qualify as terrifying.

If NARAL wants to make a mockery of the language and of true human suffering to raise money, we’re going to point out the truth.

I hope NARAL’s appeal to raise money to defeat pro-life senators so abortionists can continue the killing is the failure it deserves to be. I also hope you’ll help us counter them and get out the pro-life vote this year by donating to the National Right to Life Victory Fund.

You can see the kind of twisted rhetoric they’ll use to scare and confuse voters. The best counter to that is for us to get the truth to millions of American voters.

Your gift of $500, $100, $50 or $35 to the National Right to Life Victory Fund will do just that. We will use your gift to find, register, persuade, and get pro-life voters to the polls so we do get that pro-life working majority that we need to protect unborn lives.

No, NARAL, the current situation where unborn babies can be brutally killed, right up to birth in most states, is what is truly terrifying.

And with the help of our readers and supporters, we can end that!

carol-tobias-sigpiccontributenowCarol Tobias
National Right to Life President

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