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August issue of National Right to Life News continues to draw readers

by | Aug 19, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

FrontcoverwebA quick thank you to everyone who has been accessing the August issue of National Right to Life News—the “pro-life newspaper of record”—and posting articles from it on their social media.

You can read the entire 32-page issue at

Even before it went “live” two weeks ago, I was convinced our readers would enjoy this edition, which a lot of people labored to produce. And this proved to the case.

Whether NRL News was in newsprint or produced digitally, as it is now, our goal in every issue since 1973 has been to educate, inspire, and motive.

If you page through the August issue, you’ read stories about research illustrating with data what we knew intuitively and experientially: the unborn child is amazing, a little one whose behavior as they develop is remarkably similar to newborns. And, on page two, we talk about how every pro-lifer can be a more effective “teacher.”

Inspiration? All of us can take heart from how abortion clinics are closing; how women-helping centers continue to provide vital assistance to women in crisis pregnancies (in spite of a slew of lawsuits); and how the care and concern of passers-by have rescued children abandoned by their parents.

And who cannot be motivated by the resolution of state legislatures not to be intimidated into inaction by the usual battery of pro-abortion legal outlets. They continue to pass the kind of legislation that has wide support among the public. (Interesting, is it not, how our benighted opposition howls when we pass laws that protect women?)

For those new to NRL News—or returning after being away for a while—we began producing a digital edition of NRL News last January. This option offers many advantages: the newspaper can be read immediately, is available instantly to anyone with access to the Internet, is free, can be updated as events unfold, and (best of all, in some ways) can be forwarded to anyone and everyone on your social networks or through ordinary email.

Take some time today and tomorrow and the next day and read the entire August issue of National Right to Life News. And please pass it along to all your pro-life contacts.

The URL again is

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