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Be careful what you wish for? NARAL gets their candidate in Montana Senate Race

by | Aug 18, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Montana State Rep. Amanda Curtis

Montana State Rep. Amanda Curtis

Let’s be fair. Montana Democrats were in a real pickle. Less than two weeks ago, Sen. John Walsh [D-Mt.] announced he was not going to attempt to retain the seat he was appointed to just six months ago. (Walsh replaced Max Baucus who left the Senate early to serve as ambassador to China.) Walsh withdrew over charges that he had plagiarized his 2007 thesis paper for the Army War College.

On top of that Democrats had an August 20 deadline staring them in the face. If they were going to have a new candidate on the ballot that was the date by which his or her name had to be submitted to the Montana Secretary of State.

And, of course, the Republicans had long since chosen their candidate– Rep. Steve Daines—which only added to the advantages enjoyed by the GOP.

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Nonetheless, it’s difficult to imagine anyone less likely to resonate with the voters in Montana than (as the Associated Press described her) “a little-known state lawmaker” chosen last Saturday by a handful of Democrats– Amanda Curtis, a first-term representative from Butte.

NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice Montana issued a statement congratulating the Montana Democratic Party for having made “a strong choice in nominating Amanda Curtis as the next Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate.” Curtis, we learn, “has a 100% pro-choice voting record with NARAL Pro-Choice Montana.”

The Montana GOP “has assembled some of the greatest hits from Curtis’s video blog which suggests that Democrats have made a huge mistake,” according to Noah Rothman of

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