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Being a Voice for the Voiceless: Life as an NRLC Intern

by | Aug 13, 2014


By Blake Allen, Anna Rose Gellert, and Alex Oakley

Editor’s note. This appeared in the August issue of National Right to Life News. The entire 32-page edition can be read at Please forward this story, or the entire edition, to your pro-life contacts.

Blake Allen

Blake Allen

Even for a seasoned young pro-lifer, interning at National Right to Life for the summer is an entirely new experience. Starting off every morning with a journey into the powerful city of Washington, D.C. makes a long commute definitely worth the time. Then, once at National Right to Life headquarters, directly across from Ford’s Theatre, each intern has an important place on their departmental team.

The work varies from copying CDs of convention workshops, to connecting with pro-life religious groups, to sending thank-you letters to donors. The common denominator: in some way, all our efforts help save unborn babies.

Alex Oakley, interning for the political department, for example, spent the summer researching candidates and organizing the information for the upcoming 2014 election. Blake Allen, interning in the state organizational development and convention departments, made an impact by helping making sure the annual convention ran smoothly. The National Right to Life Convention is crucial for bringing together pro-lifers from all over the nation—they return to their state affiliates and chapters with new inspiration and tools to help protect innocent life as they work to touch the hearts and change the minds of our fellow Americans.

Anna Rose Geller

Anna Rose Geller

Lucy DiMauro, an intern in the Outreach department, sent out educational material and helped maintain National Right to Life’s relationships with pro-life religious and minority groups. Anna Rose Gellert helped the membership development team by responding to calls and letters from donors, managing the donor database, and sending out mailers to keep our supporters informed and engaged.

Beyond the day-to-day tasks, there were a lot of memorable moments, especially at the annual convention in Louisville. Who could ever forget the tremendous opportunity of getting to hear pro-life leader Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell speak? Or the beautiful moment of seeing a pregnant hotel worker light up when she saw a fetal model of a baby the same age as her own?


Alex Oakley

As the summer continued, we stood witness to two major events. First, outside the U.S. Supreme Court as the “Hobby Lobby” decision came down, and second, watching National Right to Life President Carol Tobias testifying in Congress before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the radical “Abortion Without Limits Until Birth” Act.

With the experience of this internship under our belts, we are ready to go out into the world and continue defending the right to life. It’s a daunting prospect, but after working side-by-side with National Right to Life’s superstar pro-lifers, we’re ready for it.

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