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Bitter divisions within pro-abortion movement no longer behind the scenes

by | Aug 12, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Sunsara Taylor

Sunsara Taylor

Thanks to Penny Starr for writing about an interview Sunsara Taylor of “Stop Patriarchy” gave the YouTube station “Acronym TV.”

As we’ll see, the interview is particularly illuminating to those of us who are only vaguely aware of the ever-more-bitter internal battles within the pro-abortion movement. More about that in a second. Among her other credentials, Taylor is a writer for “Revolution” newspaper.

Starr included enough excerpts to make you want to watch the entire interview, conducted by Dennis Trainor, whose girlfriend years ago had an abortion at 19. The video, which aired August 6, was “a promotion for the ongoing ‘Abortion Rights Freedom Ride’ in Texas by her group ‘to protest that state’s abortion laws that require doctors who perform the procedure to meet the same medical requirements as doctors who perform other surgeries,’” Starr reported.

If there is any common theme in the early part of the interview it is that women have no reason to be—and should never be—defensive about having an abortion.

“There is nothing wrong with abortion,” Taylor says. “Fetuses are not babies. Women are not incubators.”

Indeed, abortion is “a great decision,” Taylor says with a smile. “It shouldn’t be rare. It should be as common as it’s needed.”

So who is responsible for the wave of pro-life legislation? “Christian Fascists.” Taylor tells Trainor, “It’s sort of a concentrated push in this country on the one side by all-out Christian Fascists who force women back to the status of breeder.”

But Taylor also strongly suggests that “conciliation” by much of the pro-choice movement also explains what has happened, a theme she develops.

Taylor is a member in good standing of that wing of the pro-abortion movement determined to stamp out, once and forever, the idea that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” That formulation, whose best known early popularizers were Bill and Hillary Clinton, is “a horrible phrase,” Taylor.

You “Don’t hear people say heart surgery should be rare,” she responds. Why should abortion, another medical procedure, be rare?

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Much of the interview is Trainor asking Taylor to respond to critics of Stop Patriarchy’s mantra, “Abortion on demand without apology,” and opponents of their “Abortion Rights Freedom Ride” which is currently taking place in cities in Texas.

Of the former, Taylor tells Trainor that proponents must tell the “truth”—which is (in her words ) that opposition to abortion has nothing to do with unborn babies or clinic safety or anything but “controlling” and “enslaving” women.

Of the latter Trainor references a letter from “Texans for Reproductive Justice” which bashes Stop Patriarchy’s “Freedom Ride” for a host of reasons. A partial list includes not working with local established pro-abortion organizations (“diverting both financial contributions and energy”), “its history of using disruption and intimidation to promote their own agenda above all others,” and its direct connection “to the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.”

In case the letter missed anything, it added they opposed Stop Patriarchy’s “messaging, tactics, dishonesty, and racism.”

The interview, the letter, the back and forth on the pro-abortion site is just the tip of the iceberg. The Abortion Movement has never been single-issue, unlike the pro-life movement.

The difference now is that younger pro-abortionists are battling not just one another but older established pro-abortion organizations over giving far more prominence to a raft of issues that were once either ancillary or not part of the agenda at all. And they are equally divided over what positions to take on them.

Suffice it to say you see positions taken on issues that never in your wildest imagination would you expect “feminists” to take.

Stay tuned. This internal fracas is only going to get more intense.

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