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Boyfriend sentenced to seven years for plotting to kill girlfriend’s unborn baby

by | Aug 13, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith was already involved with another woman when his 18-year-old girlfriend became pregnant. When Jessica Santos refused to abort her baby, Smith, 23, hatched a plan as diabolical as it was sick.

Smith intended to lure Santos to a remote park in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, on the pretense of talking about her pregnancy, according to prosecutors. There the two men Smith had hired would attack both of them (so as to draw suspicion away from Smith), first threatening with a knife and then hitting them with a crowbar, causing Santos to miscarry.

Fortunately, the third man contacted police and the plot was foiled, the Daily Mail’s Chris Pleasance reported.

This week Judge Sean Enright sentenced Smith to seven years in jail and the second man, Steven Blades, to 12 months in jail. Judge Enright also issued a 10 year restraining order against both men.

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Jessica Santos

Jessica Santos

Speaking to reporters outside the courtroom, Santos, who is eight months pregnant, said,

“It hurts a lot to know that someone I felt so close to could plan this behind my back, yet so still be so nice to my face. It’s just evil.

“Nobody has the right to say whether someone, especially a baby, should live or die.

“If Jamie did not want to get involved with the baby he didn’t have to and he knew this. This makes what he arranged even harder to understand.”

“This was a sickening and extremely dangerous plot to cause a young woman to lose her unborn child,” said Detective Constable Vicky Speirs.

“It is incomprehensible how anyone would want to carry out such a hurtful and violent act.”

Speirs also told the Daily Mail, ‘It was an incredibly selfish act by Smith who gave no thought as to what effect his actions could potentially have on the victim. Given the level of violence they were prepared to use, we could quite easily have been dealing with a murder.’

Smith “effectively came up with a plan for Jessica Santos to lose her unborn child,” said prosecutor Michael Proctor.

“The plan was for him and Jessica to be out walking by a rowing lake and then to be attacked by two men armed with a wheel brace and knife.

“Jessica was to be grabbed, held down and the wheel brace used to cause injuries to cause her to miscarry.”

But Miss Santos and her baby were spared when the third man (who was unidentified) contacted police.

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