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Funding Her Death is NOT “Charity”

by | Aug 22, 2014


By Andrew Bair

Funding Her Death GraphicAs the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sweeps the internet, abortion activists have decided to put their own spin on the viral fundraising effort. Instead of encouraging individuals to donate to charities to fight a debilitating disease like ALS, abortion activists are pushing for donations to fund the killing of unborn children. The so-called “Taco or Beer Challenge” calls on participants to enjoy a taco or a beer, or both, and then donate money to pay for abortions.

According to its originator, the “benefit” is that unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge, no one has to dump water on their head and someone gets funding for an abortion.

“Abortion is common. Abortion is normal. And abortion is safest when it is legal and accessible—something abortion funds help to ensure in an increasingly hostile political climate,” says Andrea Grimes at pro-abortion blog RH Reality Check.

However, the reality is that abortion is not safe and never could be. In every abortion, there are two victims; an unborn baby who loses his or her life and a mother who is left to grieve the loss. Science shows us that by 20 weeks, an unborn baby is capable of feeling pain. As that baby is ripped limb from limb in a late abortion, he or she dies in excruciating pain.

And that horrific tragedy merits “charitable” donations? No, it doesn’t.

It’s pretty sad to watch a cause designed to aid vulnerable individuals struggling with a disease be twisted into an effort to raise money for the destruction of vulnerable unborn babies. Women should be empowered with resources and support to make life-affirming decisions that respect their lives and the lives of their unborn children.

In response, pro-life individuals should take this opportunity to stand up for unborn children and their mothers. While a radical fringe gives money to pay for abortions, we can do our part to support mothers-in-need and advocate for measures that ensure legal protection for unborn babies.

Donate to save lives, not destroy them:

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