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by | Aug 15, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

nrlnewstoday0813There are an awful lot of people who see National Right to Life News Today stories because Google News includes most of them when it aggregates and groups similar stories together. Other news services do as well, such as Bing and Yahoo, but Google does the most complete job.

But it’s our goal at NRL News Today to make sure you have the chance to read all the stories and in a timely manner.

You can sign up in 30 seconds to have the entire body of stories (typically 9-13 stories) sent out to you at the end of the day. Just go to and plug in your email address.

But if you want to see what’s going on during the course of the day, just go to You can check in often as you like during the course of the day.

There is a third option: you can follow me on Twitter. This has many advantages.

It’s not just our readers who will benefit. They can then re-tweet these links to their pro-life contacts using their own social networks.

My twitter address is @daveha

So….if you are not receiving all the NRL News Today en masse at the end of the day, sign up at

If you want to peruse stories all day long, either go directly to and/or follow me on twitter at @daveha

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