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Madison Avenue offers pro-abortionists lame ideas how to rebrand “pro-choice”

by | Aug 14, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Hdl081414What can you do when you are a pro-abortionist, aware of the shifting sands of public opinion and the ever-greater visibility of the unborn child, to mitigate what is, from your perspective, a dangerous slippery slope? How about “rebranding”?

In the environment of great understanding of prenatal life, “Pro-choice” is almost as lame as “blob of tissue.” But that doesn’t mean everyone agrees that this old stand-by should be tossed out the window. That’s why there was and is a fight (among many other internal squabbles) over Planned Parenthood’s decision to table “pro-choice.”

Thanks to, I learned that Adweek weighed in with “How 6 Ad Women Would Rebrand Pro-Choice: Updating a label that’s not resonating with younger women,” by Kristina Monllos.

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To be honest, after reading the rebranding offerings, my first thought was “Wow, this is the best they can do?”

Here are four examples (you can read Monllos’ story here).

  •  “I recommend messaging that convinces men and women that pro-choice is pro-women and not anti anything. It’s pro-independence, pro-freedom, it’s pro everything they take for granted.” So instead of “pro-choice” they are—what?—“Pro-Everything” (except the right of the unborn to his or her sanctuary)?
  •  “Simply evolving the language and sentiment from pro-choice to something like pro-me would acknowledge that reproductive rights are a personal decision, one of many, that young women actively participate in every day.” “Pro-me”? Why would that work? “It’s shifting it from a feminist issue to a humanist one, which I think the younger generation would relate to more authentically.”

A two-fer. Ditch “pro-choice” and between the lines admit that “feminist” is as outdated as “pro-choice.” I’m not sure many of the Old Guard, or even their younger rivals, would buy into that. What other clever ideas?

  • “Personal freedom is paramount,” thus, “the issue is more about the freedom than choice—and not just freedom for all of us, but freedom for each of us.” So you replace the absolutely vague and unspecific “pro-choice” with the equally vague and nonspecific “freedom.” Hmmm. One more
  • Since, we’re told, “the anti-choice segment wants to send women back to the dark ages” [if not before!], “Instead of changing the pro-choice label, let’s focus on what’s really going on the other side: anti-choice.” So instead of “pro-choice,” the new slogan is…what? Anti-anti-choice?

You get the point. In the never-ending campaign to bamboozle the public, the bottom line never changes, regardless of what mindless slogan pro-abortionists conjure up. There’s nobody there and even if there were it’s a woman’s right to..dispose of that blob of tissue.

Whoops, back to Square One!

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