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ObamaCare’s unfavorable numbers in July worse yet

by | Aug 1, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Obamacare1As one observer put it gently, the Kaiser Family Foundation’s series “has been one of the friendliest polls to ObamaCare since 2010.” So it is both illuminating and amusing to see how Kaiser spun the latest public opinion polling on ObamaCare.

It did concede “After remaining steady for several months, the share of Americans expressing an unfavorable view of the Affordable Care Act rose to 53 percent in July, up eight percentage points from June, according to the latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll.” To be clear t hat is the worse number ever.

We’re also told, “This increase was offset by a decrease in the share who declined to offer an opinion on the law (11 percent, down from 16 percent in June), while the share who view the law favorably held fairly steady at 37 percent, similar to where it’s been since March.”

“Offset”? When the number of those unwilling to express an opinion largely moves to the unfavorable category, that’s not an offset, that’s a sign that the public’s opinion on Obama’s “signature domestic program” continues to head south. Remember: we’ve been told for four years that the public would gradually come to love ObamaCare once it “understood” it.

What else? Can these numbers be attributed only to Republicans? “Republicans continue to be the group with the strongest opposition to the law,” Kaiser’s Liz Hamel, Jamie Firth, and Mollyann Brodie tell us, “but the increase in the share with an unfavorable view between June and July was similar across the political spectrum and different demographic groups.”

As NRL News Today has discussed over the past few months, we also keep being told that ObamaCare simply won’t be THAT big an issue come November. That was, is, and will prove to be in three months.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey hit the nail squarely on the head this morning:

“Democrats would rather talk about anything in the midterms than ObamaCare. Unfortunately for them, the upcoming enforcement of the employer mandate will spread the misery far wider for Americans than the 2013 rollout of ObamaCare did, as millions of consumers get dumped out of employer-based coverage and are forced into the exchanges for coverage. That will likely begin to happen in October of this year, as businesses have to prepare for their 2015 budgets, just a few weeks before those midterm elections. They may not want to discuss ObamaCare, but it may be the final straw for voters tiring of incompetence in the White House and in his political allies on Capitol Hill.”

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