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Planned Parenthood announces its “Maggie Awards” to media allies

by | Aug 7, 2014

By Dave Andrusko

ppfa-announcement   Tip of the hat to Katie Yoder over at Newsbusters for reminding readers that yesterday it was time, once again, for Planned Parenthood (PPFA) to shower obliging media outlets with its annual “Maggie Awards” for Media Excellence.

Many of the awards address areas way beyond our single-issue focus. Suffice it to say, next to making a fortune off of aborting 330,000 babies each year, Planned Parenthood best loves diversity.

The common denominator, according to PPFA, is to “recognize exceptional contributions by the media and arts and entertainment industries that enhance the public’s understanding of reproductive rights and health care issues, including contraception, sex education, teen pregnancy, abortion, and international family planning.”

There are 11 categories , including “Commentary, Daily Print Reporting, Radio Reporting, General Interest Magazine, Women’s Magazine, Online Reporting, TV News Reporting, Community/Personal Blog, Social Media, and Arts and Entertainment.”

A press release from PPFA announced, “This year, for the first time Planned Parenthood awarded a brand new category for Excellence in Media, which was presented to Cosmopolitan magazine for its comprehensive coverage and discussions of women’s health — both in its print and online editions. Since Joanna Coles became editor-in-chief in 2012 the magazine has increasingly focused on reproductive and sexual health issues.”

For her part, Coles quipped, “We’re not much for rules at Cosmopolitan, but we do have two: We will never judge women, and we will always speak up for their rights,” adding. “We’re honored to have our coverage recognized by Planned Parenthood, a fearless and indispensable ally that we know plays by the same rules.”

Indeed it has.

By the way, in case you are wondering who “Maggie” is, it’s PPFA’s founder, Margaret Sanger. Sanger was many things, but at her core she was a hard-core eugenicist.

As Dr. Angela Franks has written, “Eugenics is all about one thing: control, the control of benighted masses by an enlightened elite.” Sanger and her cohorts considered themselves that enlightened elite. [For more about Singer, see “Shining Light on the Dark Side of PPFA Founder Margaret Sanger.”]

Back to the awards. Besides Cosmopolitan Magazine, there were, of course, several awards for coverage of the 2013 Texas filibuster, led by pro-abortion state Senator (and now gubernatorial candidate) Wendy Davis; the always reliably pro-abortion MSNBC, and The Nation Magazine, which, when it comes to lambasting pro-lifers, is a reliable attack dog.

PPFA said it is already taking nominations for the 2015 Maggie Awards. Alas, the biggest problem it will have is choosing from among its legion of media enablers.

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