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The loss of a human life is a tragedy, not a gimmick

by | Aug 25, 2014


unbornbaby25Americans are known for their generosity. Sometimes they give simply because they’re asked. But if it takes a fun gimmick like an “Ice Bucket Challenge” to get people to give, that’s great, too!

But viral fundraising to kill – literally kill – unborn babies?

How low can we get?

The pro-abortion blog RH Reality Check is irreverently asking supporters to mimic the “Ice Bucket Challenge” by engaging in what they call the “Taco or Beer Challenge.” That calls on readers to enjoy a taco or a beer and then donate money to funds that help pay for others’ abortions.

With all the killings in the world lately, you’d think they’d be sensitive to the optics of asking others to “enjoy” a meal and then donate to the horrific slaughter of a living unborn baby via abortion.

But apparently not.

I’m not the only one shocked by this. Some thoughtful young people started a drive on Twitter to counteract the brutality of this pro-abortion “challenge” by inviting readers to donate to life-saving work instead, specifically to National Right to Life. I was moved by their gesture.

If you’d like to help send a signal to those who would use gimmicks to kill even more innocent unborn babies, please consider a donation today in support of our work. Please click here to make a statement by lending your support.

Because killing an unborn baby is not a gimmick, a fad that’s here today and gone tomorrow. It’s forever.

contributenowHelp us stop it.

Carol Tobias
National Right to Life President

P.S. See National Right to Life’s article on this subject here.

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