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AARP Exclude Suicide Pushers From Expo

by | Sep 8, 2014


By Wesley J. Smith

aarp_logoI rarely say these words, but good for the AARP.

The suicide pushers at Final Exit Network want to have a booth at AARP’s Expos to push their poison. But the oldster lobby said no and now FEN is crying in its hemlock. From the UT San Diego story:

“In case you’re cloudy about Final Exit Network, it’s a national organization (related to the former Hemlock Society) that, in the words of local right-to-die activist Faye Girsh, ‘provides information and support to its members who are considering a peaceful, hastened death.’

“In March, Final Exit Network applied for a booth at a spring expo in Boston. AARP responded that it had not established guidelines for right-to-die groups but hoped to do so this year. In June, responding to a Final Exit request for booth space at the San Diego convention, AARP wrote: “

“After further consideration, we are unable to approve right-to-die societies and other like organizations as exhibitors.”

I repeat: Good for the AAPR.

FEN is a fanatical and destructive group of suicide pushers:

It teaches people how to commit suicide with helium;

It has gone around family to help suicides;

“Counselors” sanitize the sites of FEN-involved suicides in which they are ”witnesses.” It is a crime to disturb a death scene.

It helped facilitate suicide of a mentally ill woman in Arizona, for which two members were guilty of felonies.

It works in places like Oregon–also where physician- assisted suicide is legal for the terminally ill, since it has no such ideological limitations.

If AARP ever let’s such groups near its members–or Compassion and Choices that teach seniors how to commit suicide by self-starvation–it will invite opprobrium.

Editor’s note. This appeared on Wesley’s fine blog.

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