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Advised to abort, mother and father celebrate son’s second birthday

by | Sep 30, 2014


By Dave Andrusko


Robyn and Adam Wilson were advised to abort their unborn son after a 12-week scan revealed there was a chance he would be born with a life-limiting illness. Doctors warned baby Harry was unlikely to survive pregnancy and an abortion was booked.

When Robyn Wilson went to Bassetlaw Royal Hospital in March 2012 for her 12-week scan, she and her husband Adam were bombarded with news about their unborn baby.

According to the Daily Mail’s Lizzie Parry

“they were told it was highly likely they had a Down’s Syndrome baby and emergency blood tests were carried out the same day.

“The results revealed a heightened risk of Edward Syndrome or Patau Syndrome – both serious genetic disorders that limit life expectancy.

“Wilson was referred to nearby Jessops Hospital, a maternity unit in Leeds, where she claims doctors advised her that her best option could be to terminate the pregnancy.”

As the couple prepared to celebrate their son Harry’s second birthday, Mrs. Wilson recounted the crescendo of news that would frighten any parent.

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First they were told their baby would very likely die before birth. “We were told if he did live to birth, he might die shortly after, or that if he survived, he would be seriously ill or have health defects,” Mrs. Wilson said. But through all this, the couple still had “a slither of hope.”

“When we were advised to abort, everything was just rushing through my mind – I just kept thinking ‘what would be worse having an abortion or having the baby in my arms for just a few minutes or days, maybe weeks?’”

By Mrs. Wilson’s account (the hospital, located in Nottinghamshire, England, declined to comment)

“The hospital decided to book me in for an abortion to get rid of the baby – though they said it wasn’t compulsory.

“The option was there and they advised that it could be for the best, as they were fairly certain something was going to be wrong with the baby.”

Doctors penciled in March 26 as the tentative date for the abortion. But there was still one more test–a CVS [Chorionic Villus Sampling]–to look for chromosomal abnormalities.

Three days before the scheduled abortion, the Wilsons were shocked to discover that the “results showed no problems with their unborn child,” Parry wrote.

And, sure enough, Harry was born healthy (“absolutely perfect”) on September 27, 2012, weighing 8lbs 5oz.

Given the diagnoses, it’s no surprise that Mrs. Wilson told Parry she spent Harry’s first year constantly worried that he would be diagnosed with something.

“Every time a doctor could come around I would be thinking “this is it, this is it, someone is going to tell me what is wrong now”, but still to this day that hasn’t come,” she told Parry. “The doctors and nurses couldn’t believe it, they all call him ‘the legend baby.’”

But all is good for the Wilson family.

“This year for his birthday we are going to go all out,” Mrs. Wilson said. “Everyone is coming around and there is going to be food and a bouncy castle.

“I feel now I can finally stop worrying and enjoy life with Harry.”

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