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Artist exposes female sex-selective abortions with massive sculpting project

by | Sep 18, 2014


By Lauren Enriquez

terracottadaughtersTo raise awareness about the male gender preference and female sex-selective abortion wreaking havoc on demographics in China and India, French sculptor Prune Nourry created a huge exhibit of clay sculptures of Chinese girls.

The exhibit, on display at the China Institute in New York City, is called Terracotta Daughters. The display looks like an army of Chinese girls. It pays homage to the daughters lost to sex-selective abortions, and Nourry’s focus was on girls from the deep countryside of China, where sex-selective abortions on girls are at their highest numbers.

In an interview with CNN, Nourry said:

“‘Terracotta Daughters’ is a project about sex-selective abortions in India and China, which are one-third of the world’s population. There is this huge imbalance between boys and girls. So I created this army as a kind of symbol.”

Nourry points out that in 2030, Chinese men will be virtually unable to find brides due to the literal eradication of the Chinese female.

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