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Dads and a Mom’s “First Birthday”—a wonderfully sweet Pampers’ ad

by | Sep 22, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

firstbirthdaypampersreI’m sure there are ads, perhaps many, that affirm the dignity of motherhood and offer praise for their daily sacrifices that I have missed. But when one comes to my attention I make sure to say a few complimentary things.

Pampers has produced some absolutely magnificent ads. My favorite is “For every little miracle.”

From the very first ultrasound image through the last second of the one-minute and one-second long commercial, “For Every Little Miracle” sends one message, and one message only. We ought to celebrate babies—every baby—as a “little miracle” to “celebrate, support, and protect.”

No big deal, you say? This bold assertion is preceded by a series of “whethers.”

Such as whether the baby is planned or unplanned [!]; whether the mother is single or married; whether the child is early [premature] or “ten years late“ [to an older woman who had difficulty conceiving]; whether adopted or a child with special needs—all these babies and more are each a “little miracle” to “celebrate, support, and protect.” Wow.

Equally powerful in a very different way is “Mom’s First Birthday.” If a title is supposed to intrigue the viewer and draw them in, this Japanese commercial gets an A+.

Pampers says, “Today we give dads a moment to say what they feel.” And indeed they do.

“The theme of the ad is centered around the idea that a baby’s first birthday is also a mother’s first birthday,” writes Christina Martin. “A mother who makes it to the milestone of that first birthday should be celebrated and thanked.”

The ad so cleverly weaves together two Moms’ visits to their pediatricians with the responses of gratitude of their husbands who are waiting outside. The Moms talk about their concern about every little phase of their baby’s first year (how they worried about everything)—and one smilingly (wearily?) acknowledges, “My first thought when he turned one was I haven’t slept properly for a year.”

But the crux of the ad was what followed immediately. One dad says he feels bad about “not being as present as I should have.” As the Moms are talking to the doctors about their children, the dads are setting up a tribute to their spouses. That begins with praise for their wife’s self-sacrifice, including how bravely they endured the pain of childbirth.

One dad lines the hallway with photos of the first days, especially the day their baby was born. The photos are absolutely awesome. The other dad has a tiny birthday cake awaiting his wife as she leaves the office. She blows out the candle and flashes a smile I suspect he will long remember.

The dads say things like “She always puts our child first”: “Thank you for deciding to do this”; and, most revealing, “I finally learned what true happiness is really about.”

Pampers concludes their ad with, “Thank you Moms for the most trying year of your life.”

We have a second grandchild who will be turning one soon, so this ad, a little under 4 minutes long, truly strikes home. It is a reminder that dads (and granddads) can never say often enough how much we appreciate the sacrifice of our wife or daughter-in-law.

Please watch the ad, complete with English subtitles.

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