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Latest polling trends very positive for Senate GOP candidates

by | Sep 8, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

VotefuturereBearing in mind the standard (and necessary caveat) that elections can turn quickly, the latest round of polling offers awfully encouraging news for Republicans with 56 days to go until the mid-term elections.

The indispensable Guy Benson summarized the data.  Here is the conclusion:

“Big picture, Republicans appear favored — for now — to retain all of the seats they currently control; they’re also leading, at least nominally, in eight contests for Democrat-held seats. Plus, they’re very competitive in at least three others. The GOP needs to net six seats to regain control of Congress’ upper chamber in November. If the current polling snapshot were to hold up (a big if, of course), Harry Reid would be facing a demotion.”

Just two additional thoughts from Benson’s overview.

First, “Alaska: Accurately polling this state is infamously difficult, but the new New York Times/CBS News/YouGov poll shows a stark reversal in the race, with Republican Dan Sullivan now leading incumbent Sen. Mark Begich by six points — 45 to 39, including leaners.”

Second, “The two most closely-watched Senate races for GOP-controlled seats appear to be inching toward the ‘safe’ category for Republicans,” Benson writes. “David Perdue leads Michelle Nunn by six points in Georgia, while Mitch McConnell is ahead of Alison Lundergan Grimes (47/42) in Kentucky. NBC’s new poll shows McConnell opening up an eight-point lead in the race; CNN’s recent poll gave the Senate Republican Leader a four-point edge.”

More tomorrow.

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