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More bogus “war on women” gibberish from NARAL and what it is really saying

by | Sep 26, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Ilyse Hogue

Ilyse Hogue

As I mentioned to my wife yesterday, the better prospects are for taking control of the Senate out of the hands of pro-abortion Democrat Harry Reid, the more desperate we can expect the attacks on pro-life politicians and pro-life legislation.

I wouldn’t belabor one strain of the obvious: the lengths to which pro-abortion politicians and Political Action Committees will go to dream up imaginary “attacks” on pro-abortion female candidates. To disagree is sexist, to treat them as equals (able to take as good as they get) is demeaning, and to act collegially in a debate situation is to not take these women seriously.

None of this is remotely true. But is a clear signal that even though the tiresome “war on women” shtick is running on fumes, those who have nothing else to run on are doubling down on an attack from two years ago.

But, I mean, please, give me a break. Or, better put, treat the women you are trying to persuade to be indignant with a modicum of respect for their intelligence.

We’ve talked before about the e-blasts from Ilyse Hogue, the President of NARAL. What utter contempt they exhibit for women.

Hogue treats them as if they can’t reason their way out of a wet paper bag, as if women are mindless receptacles for blather that wouldn’t get a passing grade in a junior high class in persuasive writing.

The headline on her e-blast was, “Abortion is like buying a vacuum cleaner?!“ She continues

“I didn’t think it was possible for anti-choice Republicans to have any less respect for women.

I was wrong.”

For the sake of discussion, I will assume Hogue accurately paraphrases a Missouri legislator, even though she draws conclusions that would embarrass a fourth grader. The context is the law that now gives women in Missouri 72 hours to reflect on the life and death decision whether to abort. (The governor had vetoed the bill, but the legislature overrode his veto on September 10.)


So, what is the “insult?”

“Our staff even heard one of the bill’s lead supporters argue that the bill should be passed because he spent more than three days thinking about buying a vacuum cleaner. Others compared getting an abortion to buying a puppy, carpeting, or a car.”

To which she adds with phony baloney indignation,

“Are you getting angry yet?”

Can anyone who graduated from elementary school possibly miss Hogue’s embarrassingly ham-handed sleight of hand?

The legislator is not equating taking the life of an unborn child with purchasing a vacuum cleaner. (That, actually, is the essence of the pro-abortion position. On its best day the unborn child is no more than soot.)

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He is saying, rather, that a woman should have the chance to take at least as much time pondering whether she destroys her unborn child as she does considering whether to buy a vacuum cleaner or new carpeting.

Why should that make anyone—even Hogue—“angry”? It is not simply that reflection is the Killing Trade’s arch enemy, even though the Abortion Industry insists—adamantly insists—that few women will change their minds in any event. But to the Hogues and NARALs, that is entirely beside the point.

Their objective in life is death: to ensure that not one mother who enters the abortion clinic walks out of with her baby intact. They want a perfect score: 100 pregnant women walk in, 100 women walk out minus their children whose remains the clinic will most likely dump in the garbage disposal.

It is ironic, to put it mildly, that Hogue would invoke vacuum cleaners. What is the sound that so many aborting women are reminded of as their child’s life comes to a horrific end?

The sound of a vacuum sucking out their baby’s body which has been ripped to smithereens.

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