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Obama job approval numbers drop to lowest ever 38%

by | Sep 4, 2014


By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Each day at 1:00 EST, Gallup updates President Obama’s job approval/disapproval numbers.

We’ve posted more than once about what would happen—sooner rather than later—once Obama slipped below 40% approval as he did in Gallup’s poll July 30. That day his approval had sunk to 39%.

Well, today, Gallup’s “three-day rolling average” finds the President’s job approval number at 38%–exactly 3 out of 8 Americans—Gallup’s lowest figure ever. Disapproval remains above 50%–54%, to be exact.

Why is this important? Consider the context.

Last week NRL News Today discussed another ominous Gallup finding. The headline read, “Obama’s ‘Strong Disapproval’ Double His ‘Strong Approval.’” (It’s actually even worse than that—see here.)

Likewise the Gallup poll that found far more Republicans (and Independents) than Democrats were “thinking” about the November elections.

No one but no one is denying that the President is a drag on the electoral fortunes of his party’s candidates. Grasping at straws, defenders/apologists insist he is “not on the ballot” and the elections will turn on the candidates, not the President. But, of course, he is on the ballot, in the sense that Democrats are tied to their party’s leader sinking fortunes.

And the flip side of who is “thinking” more about November 4 is voter intensity. As Guy Benson observed yesterday, reflecting on the results of a GWU nationwide survey of likely voters

“The vote intensity of Republican voters is strong – a net twelve-points more than their Democratic counterparts. Overall, sixty-two percent (62%) of voters say they are extremely likely to vote in the November elections. However, Republicans (69% extremely likely) outpace Democrats (57% extremely likely). In fact, this intensity advantage exceeds where Republicans were in the September 2010 Battleground Poll.”

More tomorrow.

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